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Both Tim and Lucy are trustworthy, dependable and willing to accommodate by doing the extra things that make a difference. Some of our windows are 2 1/2 stories high. Tim safely cleans them while others won’t attempt it. He is careful and conscientious and gives you beautifully clean windows!”

~ Shirley, Scotts Valley

Fabulous!!! The best window cleaning company we have ever used in 25 years in this home.”

~ Tom H., Scotts Valley

Terrific Professional & Trustworthy Service, Glistening Windows, and Really Nice People! We have quite a large house with lots and lots of small pane windows and Tim always does a spectacular job and they are very careful with everything inside the house and also the foliage and plantings outside. They show up on time and before you know it your windows are expertly done, I highly recommend them.”

~ Jan, Santa Cruz

Absolutely Great Service. We have been using Tim Hiatt for 15 years and he comes within a few days of whenever we need clean windows. Our windows just sparkle!”

~ Cynthia, Santa Cruz

A word on pricing: “Fog Lifter Window Solutions does not seek to underbid its competitors to win business for the short term. We approach pricing with one word in mind: VALUE. With the economic climate as it is today; there have been many entrants into this profession of window cleaning. They are attracted by low barriers to entry and quick cash flow. They seek some romantic notion of labor clandestinely hoping that…much of it (labor) will be miraculously absent. I have been cleaning windows in all seasons, under all conditions since before the Berlin Wall came down. I have seen companies come and go… mostly go. I approach each client and job with the mind set of establishing a long term relationship. I look at each job before furnishing prices for my work; each home is as unique as the people who reside in it. After we meet to discuss and clearly communicate expectations I will give you the LOWEST price that I can, to deliver the HIGHEST quality service available, thereby ensuring that I can do it YEAR AFTER YEAR. That is VALUE. Thank you for your consideration.”

~ Tim, Fog Lifter Window Solution Owner

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